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I am a Service Vendor for SHIELD. How do I get paid?

When you first applied to be a vendor, we sent you some billing information (or will when you are approved). You will find detailed information there. Basically, once a purchase order is received the student’s name will appear on your online billing page. Once all lessons are completed, you will log back into the Vendor Billing Site and sign the online purchase order. Once that is done, it becomes an electronic invoice that is sent to our Accounting Department for payment.

If you chose to break down your students’ payments into monthly installments, you will sign the online purchase order at the end of each month when lessons for the month have been completed. If you requested full semester payment, you will sign the purchase order at the end of the term/session/semester when all lessons have been completed.

What is the link to the Online Service Vendor Billing site?

Coming soon!

I am a Materials Vendor for SHIELD. How do I get paid?

You would simply sent us an invoice.  Once we know the materials have been received by our staff, our Vendor Team will be alerted. Once we have a correct invoice and we know that we have received the order, payment will be made.  You may fax or mail your invoices to us.

I sent in an invoice. Why haven’t I received payment?

If you are a service vendor, make sure you have gone into your online billing page and have converted the PO to an invoice by electronically signing it. Then also take into consideration that payments are made net 30 from the date that we receive an invoice.

I am on the Vendor Billing site and I do not see a purchase order for my student(s).

As stated in our agreement, no services should be provided to our students without a purchase order. We will only pay for classes or materials after a purchase order has been processed. If a parent has registered their child in your class and has told you a purchase order was coming, contact the parent and let them know there is no purchase order.

My contact information has changed. How should I inform you?

Please email us immediately if you have had any change in your contact information.


How do I become a Service / Instructor Vendor?

To become a vendor for SHIELD Academy, you must first complete our pre-application form.  Once we approve the pre-application form, we will send you a link to our complete application.  During the application process, you must be able to provide a completed W-9, a certificate of insurance or other, and complete a fingerprint background check for you and your employees (or proof via an ORI).

Is there a fee to become a vendor?

There is no fee to become a vendor, however as stated previously, you must complete a Live Scan Fingerprinting process (and they do charge a fee). We will not pay that fee, nor will we reimburse it.

I had a LIVE SCAN done with another school; do I have to LIVE SCAN again?

If it was another charter school, then yes, you will need to complete another one. It is against the law for different schools to share results with each other.  Therefore, each school must have vendors obtain a Live Scan.   We require that all our vendors be DOJ cleared prior to establishing contact with any of our students.  If you have a Teaching Credential or an occupational license issued by the State of California, please let us know and we can discuss waiving the Live Scan requirement.

Do I have to fingerprint all of my employees/volunteers?

Yes, all employees who work (or come in contact with) our students must be fingerprinted as required by the State of California. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has established guidelines for any agency to obtain State summary criminal information for volunteers other than those covered under the Education Code Section 109115.5 Public Resource Code 5164 and Penal Code 11105.3. Due to the classification “all those who are involved in the care, security of children or contact with children” “volunteer or coaches”, all those who have direct contact with the students, must be fingerprinted.

The person who completed the Live Scan process for my business is no longer an employee but I have a new employee. Is there something I must do?

Yes, if you have any change of employees that work with our students, you will need to have the new employee live scanned or be placed under the business ORI issued by the DOJ (if applicable).  Our Service Agreement will no longer be valid and all the purchase orders (POs) will be canceled and therefore no payment will be made, if any new employee, that has not been Live Scanned, comes in contact with our students.

Does the type of class a vendor teaches matter?

Yes it does. If you will be teaching a kickboxing, archery, aerial sports and other extremely dangerous class, we will not approve the application because we consider those “banned” activities for our students. If it is a high risk activity, we may approve the course, however, there will be additional paperwork and insurance requirements. Once you complete the preliminary application, we will let you know if the activity is banned and we will not pay for those. Or we will let you know if it is considered high-risk and what additional paperwork and insurance we require.


Do the parents receive Instructional Funds and use them directly?

No. The Instructional Funds are allocated for student use, but they are still ‘school funds’. Parent are involved in what the funds can be used for (within certain guidelines). With the help of the school’s Educational Facilitator (EF), parents can make requests about how to allocate those funds for the student(s). Once Shield staff reviews the request, he/she will submit that to the Vendor Team for ordering (or processing for a PO).

How much Instructional Funds are allotted per student?

Our students each receive $2500 in Instructional Funds if they enroll on the first day of school.  Instructional fund allotments depreciate daily depending on the day of actual enrollment. The later in the year that a student officially enrolls, the lower the funds will be.

Can Instructional Funds be used for enrichment classes?

Yes. However, students must show their EF that they have, or will have, enough materials and/or services in the core subject areas before enrichment classes will be approved. Students must be current with providing samples to the ES and up to date on their assignments as well. If students are not current with their assignments, Purchase Orders will be canceled.

Can funds be used all at one time?

No. The funds are spread out through the year.

First day of school: first half of the Instructional Funds

In December: second half of the Instructional Funds

Is there a deadline to place orders?

Yes. The last day to place requests for orders will be March 17, 2017